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Rocky Mountain Spring Fling

APRIL 14th, 2018




REMEMBER: With SEVEN open show rings and multiple divisions, entrants are encouraged to bring their best and not bite off more than they can chew with their show string. Things will move fast and frenetically. While class limits are non-existent in most cases, please consider how much you can handle at one time. 


SEATING: Tables will be assigned to entrants as soon as entry form/fee is sent in. Please let the show holder know what rings you want to focus on and/or what friends you wish to sit with and we will do our best to accommodated you.



  • 2 horses per entrant per PERFORMANCE class

  • No Limits in halter EXCEPT for OF Plastic, 4 horses per entrant, per class 

  • Halter, 5 minutes between classes

  • Performance, 10 minutes MAXIMUM 


TAGS: Tags (the 1" white kind preferred) must list the name of the Horse, breed, gender and Colorado shower number of the owner, all on one side...please make sure that side is up when you set the horse. Tag flipping is a pain and please write legibly. If you do not have a Colorado please contact Heather Roell at


SPLITS: Classes will be split at the discretion of the Judges and show holder.


JUDGE COURTESY: Please refrain from talking to a judge while they are judging. Judges will be happy to explain placings after a class, but their decisions are final. Please be polite and courteous and remember that you are paying for their opinion (even if you don’t agree with it). Please don’t crowd rings that are being judged or loom over a judge’s shoulder during judging.

SHOWER COURTESY: NEVER touch or pick up a model without the owner’s explicit permission. Be aware of your surroundings. Accidents do happen, but be careful so you aren’t the cause of one. If you break or damage an item of someone else’s, be prepared to pay for it. Unsportsmanlike conduct, harassment of judges and/or show staff, or offensive behavior or language will NOT be tolerated. Anyone exhibiting these behaviors will be kicked out of the show hall without a refund.



All: A horse may enter only ONE division. Mini's cannot enter 2 divisions (i.e.: a Southern Belle cannot cross enter AR AND MINI divisions). Breyers must pick breed or collectability. Foals must show in the foal sections of each division. 

Scale: For the AR and CM traditionals and classics go on the regular division, curio/little bit/stablemate sizes go in the mini divisions

Artist Resin Open to all original sculptures/limited edition resin/resin-type models, finished by anyone. This does NOT refer to Limited Edition Breyers, Hartlands, etc. or mass produced resins like North Lights. One of a kind sculpture from scratch (not remade plastics etc.) would also show in this division. 

Custom: Open to all regular run (mass production type) models (no artists resins) that have been repainted, remade and/or haired. Hair may be sculpted or real. 

Breyer OF Plastic: Open to all Breyer models that are original factory finish plastic. Ideally the finish must be exactly the same as when the model left the factory. No paint may be removed, either. Models may be touched-up to hide nicks, etc. but poor restoration jobs or obvious defects/breaks may be marked down at the judge's discretion. 

Other OF Plastic: Open to models that are original factory finish plastic models such as Peter Stone, Copperfox, Collecta and Hartland etc. Ideally the finish must be exactly the same as when the model left the factory. No paint may be removed, either. Models may be touched-up to hide nicks, etc. but poor restoration jobs or obvious defects/breaks may be marked down at the judge's discretion. 

OF China: Open to models that are original factory finish/production run models of china, resin or other material such as pottery/ceramic. Ideally the finish must be exactly the same as when the model left the factory. 

Custom Glaze: Open to all custom glazed china, studio unique (non-production run) finished Artists Chinas and all clay body customs. All non-production run glazed Chinas must show in this division. 

Foal Section Classes: Some halter divisions have a separate foal section. Open for foals, weanlings and yearlings. Foals must enter proper division and class.

Amateur Artist: Models painted and/or customized by the person showing them are eligible for this division regardless of age of artist, type of model horse or medium used to finish it. It is a workmanship class so yellow NAN cards will be rewarded.

No Set Ups or handlers in halter! Exceptions for protective cloth for tippy or fragile models of course.

Judges will assume they have permission to handle models if they feel it’s warranted. Please leave a note with your entry if you object.

Champs/Reserves will be named following each section, Overall Division Champs and reserves will be named at the conclusion of all the sections. Best in Show Champ and Reserve will be named at the end of all divisions.



  • Light Breeds: Arabian and all Arabian crosses including National Show Horse and Morab, Ahkal-Tekes, Morgan, Moroccan Barb, Shagya, Tersk, etc. 

  • Gaited Breeds: American Saddlebred, Missouri Fox Trotter, Tennessee Walking Horse, Spotted Saddle Horse, Rocky Mountain Horse, Walkaloosa, etc. 

  • Spanish Breeds: Alter Real, Andalusian, Azteca, Criollo, Kiger, Lippizan, Mangalara, Spanish Mustang, Paso Fino, Columbian Paso, Peruvian Paso, Spanish Barb, Tiger Horse, Pura Raza Epanolã etc. 

  • Carriage Breeds: Freisian, Hackney Horse, Gelderland, Cleveland Bay, Dutch Harness Horse etc. 

  • Warmbloods: Any breed with "Warmblood" in its name, as well Trakhener, Hanoverian, Gelderlander, Holstein, Westphalian, etc. 

  • Sport Breeds: Appaloosa Sport Horse, Don, English Cob, Fredericksborg, French Trotter, Irish Draft, Oldenburg, Orlov Trotter, Selle-Francais, Knabstrup and any Thoroughbred or Warmblood crosses or any other combination suitable for Dressage, Combined Training, hunting, jumping or racing. 

  • Stock Breeds: American Paint Horse, Appaloosa, Australian Stock Horse, Colorado Ranger, Quarter Horse, Mustang (BLM) etc. 

  • Draft Breeds: American Cream, Ardennes, Ardennais, Belgian, Breton, Clydesdale, French Cob, Gypsy Vanner, Italian Heavy Draft, Jutland, Murakozi, Noriker, North American Spotted Draft, Pinzgauer, Percheron, Poitevin, Russian Draft, Shire, Soviet Heavy Draft, Suffolk Punch, Vladimir, etc. 

  • UK Ponies include: All Welshes, Shetland, Connemara, Dales, Highland, Exmoor, Fell, Dartmoor, New Forest Pony, Eriskey, British Spotted Pony etc. 

  • European Ponies include: Galiceno, Gotland, Haflinger, Sorraia, Skyros, Mérens etc. 

  • American Ponies include: Quarter pony, POAs, Chingoteauge/Assoteague, American Shetland, Hackney Pony, American Walking Pony and similar crossbreeds 

  • Other Ponies: Altai, Hokkaido, Newfoundland, Sable Island Ponies, Welara and similar crossbreds 

  • Other Breeds (Mixed and Purebred): American Bashkir Curly, Dole, Finnhorse, Kathiawari, Marwari, Moyle, Tarpan etc. 

  • Exotic and Exotic Crosses: Przewalski, Quagga, Zebra, prehistoric horses and crossbreds 



Harness Classes: A harness is required. Cart or buggy not required. 

Costume Classes: Outfits must match the breed of horse. MINIMAL set ups PLEASE!!! 

All over fences Classes: Please show with appropriate obstacles and jumps. Please state which event you are showing in.

Dressage: State Test, Level and movement requires. All proper equipment is required.

Cutting/Roping/Stockwork: At least one Heifer required for cutting, calf or goat and rope required for roping, appropriate animals required for STOCK WORK. Explanation cards recommended.

Barrels/Poles: All proper equipment (barrels, poles, etc... ) required. 

Trail: Arena or Natural trail is allowed.

Other Other Performance: Any performance not listed. Packing, Showmanship, circus, etc... are allowed. Please state what event horse is doing. 

Sidesaddle entries go in Other English/Western Performance depending on style of saddle (ex. Western Sidesaddle goes in other WESTERN performance) UNLESS it is historical. 

Dolls may be used in any classes 

Section Champions and Reserve Champs will be named following each section, Division Champs and reserves will be named at the conclusion of all the sections



  • At the end of the show on Sunday there will be a judge off for BEST IN SHOW so if you wish to remain eligible please have your model and all its winnings ready to present at the Judge off. 

  • The JUDGES' DECISIONS are final! If you wish to question a judge, please use discretion. 

  • Anyone using bad behavior or language, or poor sportsmanship will be asked to leave the show hall with no refund. 

  • DO NOT pick up anyone's belongings without permission. If you break it you pay for it! 

  • NO SMOKING in the building. You may smoke outside, away from the door. Please do not throw butts on the property. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES on the premises. 

  • SMALL CHILDREN - Parent’s are responsible for their children’s actions and asked not to cause a disturbance or touch the models

  • NO PETS unless it’s a service dog

  • CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICY Once your entry is received & processed, there are no refunds. 

  • LIABILITY The Showholders, judges and Haywood County Fairgrounds cannot be held responsible for any lost, broken or missing property or injury to any participants or spectators. 

  • Please LISTEN for all announcements! There will be 3 or 4 rings going at the same time so be attentive! 

  • Please remember to bring an SASE for your results. FULL RESULTS will be mailed to each entrant 

  • Remember that this is a hobby and live shows are for fun! Relax and Respect you fellow participants and we will all have a great time.


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