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APRIL 14th, 2018

Rocky Mountain Spring Fling



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If you’d like to donate to the show raffle we would be thrilled! Donations of all sizes and values are welcome!

Donors will be listed in the show program, at their ring for their div/section/class and announced over the PA and promoted on the raffle page. If you are interested email meat!


If you’d like to be a part of the show to help out is you or your business can become a sponsor! Sponsorship levels are: 

  • Entire Division - $50 (i.e. Artist Resins, or Custom Glaze, or Performance) 

  • Section - $25 (i.e. AR Stock Breeds, or English Performance @)

  • Single Class - $5

  • Open Sponsorship – any misc. amount the sponsor wishes to contribute

Sponsors will be listed in the show program, at their ring for their div/section/class and announced over the PA.



Stephanie Blaylock - Sarah Mink "Feral Mare" Medallion painted to dapple grey by Steph, airfare
Jennifer Scott - Levi "Denim"(banded and banged) QH Stallion unpainted resin
Kylee Parks - West Point Medallions for Medallion Challenge

Marilyn Jensen - Dog, and cat resins, Breakables "India" Marwari prize medallion 
Stephanie Scherz Michaud - RMSF Prize Medallions (labor)
Jennifer Bray Buxton - TBD Tack, Amateur Artist "Van Gogh"prize medallions from NaMoPaiMo
Meredith Warren - Morgen Killbourn unpainted Sly Lassie resin
Bobbie Allen - Saddle trees
Carra McClelland - 3D printed obstacles
Karen Gerhardt - Art Glazed Caprice and Boreas chinas - Best in Show prizes

Cynthia Berrier - Cash donation
Barb Ness - SMB Unpainted Popcorn resin

The Resin Futurity - Cash prize, certificate

Breyer Model Horses - Breyer Live Show Benefit - Glossy dapple Liver Chestnut Running Stallion, "Vulcan"

Christine Wells - SPONSOR: OF Other Plastic Division

Beth Rappleyea - SPONSOR: English Performance Section

Christie Richardson - SPONSOR: OF Breyer Breed and Youth

Dee Soule Crawley - Silver Arab "jewelry" set with teal and blue stones, halter and chest piece

Sarah Townsend - SPONSOR: CM Mini Division

Tom Bainbridge - SPONSOR: Custom Glaze China Division

Lu Heater - A framed and matted "Trail's End" print by the noted artist David R. Stoecklein.

Lesli Kathman - Airfare

Shannon Southard - SPONSOR: OF Breyer Collectibility

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